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The Far South
Figure: Southern edge of the known world.

Located at the southern edge of the known world lies Punjar, an ancient city blackened by fire, soiled by pestilence, and scarred by war. It is a city of chance and wealth, where fortunes are won in a night, and lost before dawn. Above all, Punjar is a city of fierce contrasts: it boasts fabulous wealth and abject poverty, packed bazaars and forgotten alleys, haunting beauty and torrid wickedness, & unbridled weal and terrible woe.

Punjar, the Tarnished Jewel, where adventure awaits the bold—and ignominious death the unlucky!

What awaits you?

The following is a list of categories (some broad) that describe the campaign setting as it relates to the city of Punjar:

Character Generation

Guidelines for character creation for the Alleys of Punjar campaign:

  • Adventures in the city of Punjar are for 1st-level characters of questionable virtue and morality. (No chaotic evil characters please.)
  • Characters may be from the city of Punjar, from surrounding villages/settlements, or elsewhere, if such a background makes sense. (That said, “primal” characters may not be the best fit for this setting.)
    NOTE: Characters should use Backgrounds from the “General” category in the Character Builder; the other background categories aren’t applicable to Punjar.
  • Please avoid designing characters that are so antisocial as to be incompatible with the adventuring party paradigm.
  • Please keep in mind that the leader* of the party should have a good reason to be “heading up” this party that will almost certainly be composed of a disparate cast of misfits and scoundrels. (*That is, leader with a lower-case “L,” not capital “L” as in the Leader role – although the party leader certainly could be a Leader.)
  • Characters will be using inherent bonuses, including +1d6 damage per inherent bonus plus on critical hits.

Also, in Punjar, currency is handled slightly differently that in standard 4e D&D campaigns.

As always, feel free to discuss your character ideas.

I look forward to guiding you through the dark and sinister corners of the city.


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