Baker’s Guild

Beggars’ Society

Brotherhood of Steadfast Enforcers   (a.k.a. Assassins’ Brotherhood or simply, The Brotherhood)

  • HQ: Brotherhoods’ Hall (The Souk)
  • Rep: Kos Battleheart, Blackguard
  • Motto: “It’s not personal—it’s business.”
    The Brotherhood of Steadfast Enforcers is a guild whose members are primarily ruffians and street thugs. The Brotherhood provides services to other guilds, business owners, or even private citizens in order to manhandle other third-parties who owe the hiring client something (e.g., money, information, et cetera) or, alternatively, to provide protection against such enforcement. While not common, it is not unknown for members of the Brotherhood to come into “conflict” with other members from their own guild while performing these duties. Within the Brotherhood, there is smaller (& smarter) group of experts whose sole purpose is to perform assassinations for a fee.

Carpenters’, Roofers’ and Plasterers’ Guild

  • HQ: The Stone House ( New City)
  • Rep: Elemos “the Hand” Dunblast, Dunblast Roofing ( Northside)

Cellarers’ and Plumbers’ Guild

  • HQ: The Old Guildhall ( New City)
  • Rep: Jhalsossan Turnstone, Turnstone Plumbing and Pipefitting ( Northside)

Coopers’ Guild

  • HQ: Cooper’s Rest (The Souk)
  • Rep: Rugglar Tossarim, Master Cooper

Coterie of Embalmers & Morticians

Council of Farmer-Grocers

  • HQ: The Market Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Ballbaas Partall, The Voice of the Master

Council of Musicians, Instrument-Makers, and Choristers

  • HQ: The House of Song (Devil’s Thumb)
  • Rep: Kriio Halambar or Maxeene “the Flute” Rhiosann

Dungsweepers’ Guild

Fellowship of Bowers and Fletchers

  • HQ: The Citadel of the Arrow ( Northside)
  • Rep: Zorondar “the Nimble” Riautar, Riautar’s Weaponry ( New City)

Fellowship of Carters and Coachmen

  • HQ: The Road House ( New City)
  • Rep: Jasril Malakar, Master Carter

Fellowship of Innkeepers

  • HQ: Fellowship Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Brathan Zilmer, Master of Hospitality

Fellowship of Salters, Packers and Joiners

  • HQ: Shippers’ Hall (The Souk)
  • Rep: Baerlos Dunthar

Fishmongers’ Fellowship

  • HQ: Seaswealth Hall (The Souk)
  • Rep: Aybrauve Haltorel, Master Fishmonger

Fraternity of Footpads & Purloiners   (a.k.a. Thieves’ Guild or simply, The Guild)

  • HQ: Fraternity Den (The Commons (Old City))
  • Rep: Keldar “Moonlighter” Greyeyes
  • Motto: “Never take everything.”
    Punjar’s Fraternity of Footpads & Purloiners (a.k.a. Thieves’ Guild) is the official home to all of the City’s rogues & thieves. Members of the guild, known internally as operators, are hired to pilfer goods or items from almost anyone or anywhere in the city, with some notable exceptions. All members must provide the Guild with a “cut” from any of their ill-gotten gains, which helps pay for (among other things) services that the Guild provides to its membership. Ironically, the Guild is also known to provide services to protect against thievery. Non-guild operators working within the City’s limits are not tolerated and such unlicensed competition is eliminated quickly and ruthlessly.

Guild of Apothecaries & Physicians

  • HQ: The House of Healing ( The Low Quarter)
  • Rep: Unthril Zond, Master Physician

Guild of Butchers

  • HQ: The Butcher’s Guildhall (The Souk)
  • Rep: Morathin “Hooks” Belmonder, Second Knife, Belmonder’s Meats ( New City)

Guild of Chandlers and Lamplighters

  • HQ: House of Light ( Northside)
    Ormbras Delzord, Master of the Flame

Guild of Fine Carvers

  • HQ: House of the Fine Carvers ( New City)
  • Rep: Dannath Lisosar, Second Master Carver, Patient Fingers Finework ( Northside)

Guild of Glassblowers, Glaziers and Speculum-makers

  • HQ: The House of Crystal ( The Low Quarter)
  • Rep: Jhalassan Thond, Speaker for the Guild, Thond Glass and Glazing Shop ( Northside)

Guild of Stonecutters, Masons, Potters & Tile-makers

  • HQ: Builder’s Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Buirholdan Skordar, Master Stoneworker

Guild of Trusted Pewterers and Casters

  • HQ: Pewterers and Casters Guild Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Baerhar Surtlan, Voice of the Guild, Surtlan’s Metalwares ( Northside)

Guild of Watermen

  • HQ: Watermen’s Hall (The Souk)
  • Rep: Jaster Thul, Guild Spokesman

Jewelers’ Guild

  • HQ: The House of Gems ( Northside)
  • Rep: Jhauntar Olmhazan, Gentleman Speaker for the Jewelers, Olmhazan’s Jewels ( The Low Quarter)

Launderers’ Guild

League of Basketmakers and Wickerworkers

  • HQ: The League Office (The Souk)
  • Rep: Felthauvin Mirrarmul, Master Worker

League of Skinners and Tanners

Loyal Order of Street Laborers

Master Mariners’ Guild

  • HQ: Mariners’ Hall ( Northside)
  • Rep: Jheldarr “Stormruner” Boaldegg, First Mariner

Most Careful Order of Skilled Smiths & Metalforgers

  • HQ: Metalmasters’ Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Hawkun Orsund, Master Hammer

Most Diligent League of Sail-makers and Cordwainers

  • HQ: Full Sails Tavern (The Souk)
  • Rep: Jelhuld Alaer, Tavernmaster, Full Sails Tavern

Most Excellent Order of Weavers and Dyers

  • HQ: The House of Textiles ( Northside)
  • Rep: Mellor Rhagust, Speaker of the Order

Most Superb Order of Dancers, Playactors, & Entertainers

  • HQ: Theater of Heavenly Performance (Devil’s Thumb)
  • Rep: Victora Featherfoot, Mistress Entertainer Extraordinaire

Order of Cobblers & Corvisers

Order of Master Shipwrights

  • HQ: Shipwright’s House (The Souk)
  • Rep: Zabardan Barpar, Speaker for the Shipwrights

Order of Master Taylors, Glovers and Mercers

  • HQ: Costumers’ Hall ( Northside)
  • Rep: Alurra Tarbrossen, Lady Master of the Order

Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Guild

  • HQ: Saddlers’ & Harness-Makers’ Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Deljassa Rammathor, Guildmistress High

Scriveners’, Scribes’ & Clerks’ Guild

  • HQ: The Zoarstar ( Northside)
  • Rep: Dablor Zimmulstern, Guild Master

Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers & Woolmen

Splendid Order of Armorers, Locksmiths and Finesmiths

  • HQ: The Metal House of Wonders ( New City)
  • Rep: Hallthor Duzmund, Master Smith

Stablemasters’ & Farriers’ Guild

  • HQ: The Guild Paddock ( New City)
  • Rep: Belihands Masker, Senior Master

Stationers’ Guild

  • HQ: Stationers’ Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Azoulin Wolfwind, Master Stationer

Surveyors’, Map, & Chartmakers’ Guild

  • HQ: The Map House ( Northside)
  • Rep: Doroun Lhaerzor, Speaker for the Guild

Vintners’, Distillers’, & Brewers’ Guild

  • HQ: The House of Good Spirits ( New City)
  • Rep: Razaar Slissin, Guild Master

Wagonmakers’, Wheelwrights’ and Coach Builders’ Guild

  • HQ: The Coach & Wagon Hall ( New City)
  • Rep: Sarjak Belszour, Guild Master

Watchful Order of Arcanists, Astrologers, & Dweomercrafters

  • HQ: Tower of the Order ( The High Quarter)
  • Rep: Orlar Thammas, Speaker for the Order


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