The city’s walls and surrounding lands are patrolled by a fierce warrior caste known as the Dragonné [dra∙GHAWN∙nay] – a direct reference to their scaled, stylized armor, and fearsome ability on the battlefield. Once warrior-slaves of the Arkhosian Empire, the Dragonné are now vested with the right of hereditary titles and lands, and are effectively above the law. Organized into loose companies, the Dragonné are feared for their highly disciplined heavy cavalry, supported by mounted archers and spearmen.

The Dragonné captains and their warriors are not permitted to make their homes within Punjar proper. Rather, all have well-defended holdings outside of the city. Ironically, it is the Dragonné that run Punjar’s notorious slave market (Slaver’s Hold), and the former slave-warriors use slaves to work their fields.

The ranks (& corresponding units), in descending order by size:

unit sub-units dragonné/unit cavalry ranks infantry ranks
legion all companies commander
company 2-4 pelotons 150-300 captain
peloton 2-3 cadres 50-75 cornet ensign
cadre 3-5 squads 10-25 corporal sergeant
squad 5 first (trooper) prime (légionnaire)
1 trooper légionnaire

Notable personages within the ranks of the Dragonné include:

  • Commander Harxen Koratiss (male human)
  • Captain Taerinos “Fangtaker” Yarlkin (male hobgoblin)
  • Captain Rigēon Jidair (male half-elf)
  • Captain Belven Trestan (male human)
  • Lady Vicara Raveynos (female human)

Most Dragonné—be they a captain or simple spearman—revere the Iron Crown and the precepts espoused by that sect.


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