In the city of Punjar, currency (and its various unit of measure) is defined as follows:

Standard D&D (4e) sp gp Punjar sym.
Copper piece (cp) 1/10 1/100 Copper centi
Silver piece (sp) 1 1/10 Silver denari
Gold piece (gp) 10 1 Gold librae £
100 10
Platinum piece (pp) 1,000 100 Platinum talent
10,000 1,000 Gold bullion
Astal diamond (ad) 100,000 10,000
1,000,000 100,000 Platinum bullion

NOTE: Bullion is defined as 1,000 coins melted into a solid metal ingot.

Typically, street transactions use copper centi (cp) or silver denari (sp) as the primary form of currency. Only the wealthiest merchants, guilds, and noble families use bullion for any transactions. Finally, gold librae (gp)—while certainly an accepted form of currency—is an uncommonly used form of currency. Most gold coinage is either foreign, from an ancient source, or hidden away in the Overlord’s (or other important personage’s) vaults.


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